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About Us

Our story begins in 2015, shortly after arriving in the island from Brazil. Following my passion for sushi, I decided to try something new by offering catering sushi, freshly made, in the people's house.


The Japanese culture of having a sushi chef making fresh sushi face to face, while explaining the dish, telling stories about the sushi culture and having an eye to eye contact with customers, always fascinated me.


After five years making delicious sushi with a Brazilian twist in flavors, and having the opportunity to meet and share so many stories, people, countries and cultures, I have finally decided to open my restaurant in the heart of this multicultural city, providing a sustainable take away/delivery option for all sushi lovers.


Because after all, Sushi Sakai is not just about the sushi. It is about the people, it is about sharing stories, it is about feeling that you belong.



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