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Sushi Sakai

Don't let your friends bored, don't let your friends hungry, turn up the volume and let us bring an exclusive experience of a Sushi Chef cooking for you and your besties at the comfort of your house. Let's party!!!

So, how does it work?

We prepare everything in your house.

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Temaki Sakai



Hosamaki Salmon, cream cheese

Hosamaki Avocado

Hosamaki Mango

Hosamaki Mushroom, cream cheese

Hosamaki Salmon, crab

Uramaki Avocado, cream cheese and mushroom


Hot roll salmon

Hot roll without rice

Hot roll mushroom

Joe Salmon

Neguiri Salmon

Hot roll of kale and garlic

Special Sakai

  • 10 people minimum, €39 per person.

  • We would also need to arrive 3 hours before the dinner in order to allow enough time for food preparation.

  • We bring soya sauce, sweet source, wassabi and hashi.

  • Ideally, we would need as much space as possible in your kitchen

    Note: We do not provide plates. We suggest you to purchase plastic plates in you think you may run out of cutlery.

To book your sushi party,
Contact us by Whatsapp: 089 966 2326

before someone else does.


Fábio Marazzi

Great option in japanese food. Dishes well done and very tasty. I recommend.

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